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After years of treacherous fighting, it is known that every American Citizen holds both undeniable individuals rights and extreme commercial prospect. It would be an embarrassment and a shame to forfeit these extraordinary liberties back to our enemies as result of lack in a strong naval power. It is imperative that every man decide to protect our land, way of life, and commerce by vesting trust in the abilities of a National Navy. Some, such as Thomas Jefferson, would argue that investment in a suitably sized Navy would have an ‘adverse effect’ (Jefferson 1785) on our economy. I however, would raise that it would be nearly impossible to function as a sovereign nation if our trade, and effectively our economic system, was infested with fear of piracy and unstable trade-routes. How can we gain international respect if as soon as we leave port, our sailors and cargo are at risk of being overtaken by any force? I say ‘any force’ because quite frankly, in our current state of naval defense, it is plausible for even the smallest of nation-states or gang…show more content…
Alexander Hamilton mentioned in his 1788 publication of the “Federalist no. 11” that the mere existence of an American Navy would leave “Impressions [that will] naturally indicate the policy of fostering divisions among us, depriving us, as far as possible, from an active commerce in our own bottoms… preventing our interference in their navigation, and monopolizing the profits of our [independent] trade.” Looking at long term revenue production, and protection, the legitimacy of an ocean-going power capable of ensuring both monetary production and protection is extremely pragmatic compared to our alternatives: accepting overpriced imports, facing instability in exportation, and maintaining the inability to hold the upper-hand in
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