Federalists VS Jeffersoneans Essay

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Federalists VS Jeffersoneans With respect to the federal Constitution, the Jeffersonian Republicans are usually characterized as strict constructionists who were opposed to the broad constructionism of the Federalists. As history dictates, this is found to be substantially accurate. Federalists were firm believers in the production of a strong central government and a broad interpretation of the Constitution. However, the Democratic Republicans believed that the government should follow a strict interpretation of the Constitution and held the idea that this would allow honest representation of the people and prevent government corruption. Thomas Jefferson was the driving force behind the Democratic Republicans, who were the…show more content…
In document A, prior to his presidency, he writes about his confidence in the ideas of the preserving the constitution in a conservative manner and he states that the Federalists have failed to follow the Constitution accurately and the way it should have been followed. He signifies fact that the Federalists do not follow the “true theory of our Constitution” which is that the states are to be independent as to everything within themselves, and all foreign issues shall remain federal. The Jeffersonian ideals are further expressed in a document from Jefferson to Samuel Miller, a minister (Document B) where Jefferson strongly opposes the idea of government in correlation to religion. He clearly states that no power according to the Constitution was delegated to the general government to assume any authority in religious discipline. In addition to Document B, Document H displays the Jeffersonians strict interpretation of the federal Constitution. Here, James Madison shares his decision with congress on an Internal Improvements Bill. The bill asked approval for federal funds that would go towards constructing roads and canals and improving water navigation. Despite understanding the importance and benefit of the bill, Madison withheld his signature from the bill solely because this power was not expressly given by the Constitution. He goes on to state that

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