Fedex : A Successful Global Company

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To have a successful global company, a lot of risks and factor have to be taken into consideration. Before a company targets a market in a different country, they need to have a clear understanding on the culture, needs from the customers, and regulations that might need to be met. FedEx is an outstanding company that displays their success globally. In 1973, Frederick W. Smith opened a company with the mindset of having the ability to ship packages overnight. He named the company Federal Express, known as FedEx, looking for a patriotic meaning that would represent a possible nationwide trade and industry movement (FedEx, 2015). FedEx’s main line of business consists of express delivery, e-commerce, and pickup of parcels. In 1975, FedEx set the standard for express shipping and premier carrier for goods within the industry (FedEx, 2015).
In the beginning years of the company, a few aircrafts traveled throughout 25 cities within the U.S. In the 1980s, FedEx began operations overseas becoming the largest air cargo in its industry. With such high demand from customers, FedEx structured the company into different units such as; FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx offices. As the respected FedEx brand, they operate integrated business applications by managing the company collectively and collaboratively, which resulted in annual revenues of $47 billion (FedEx, Strong Earnings).
FedEx uses a global strategy. FedEx Express and FedEx Freight are international…
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