Fedex Analysis

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Kim VanDeven

FedEx Corporation

Case Summary:
Federal Express is a delivery service company, founded by Frederick W. Smith in 1973.
While at Yale, he had a vision of an overnight delivery service designed to transport business packages globally. He found investors willing to contribute $90 million dollars, making it the largest company ever funded by a venture capital. Smith turned FedEx into a global shipping power.

Key Service Marketing Issues:
Customers/ Services: FedEx has a strong adherence to its People-Service-Profit philosophy; it provides reliable, competitive, global air-ground transportation of goods and documents that require quick delivery. The key position is to influence the customer’s perception of
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They received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the service category in 1990. They have developed their own quality system to match their customer’s standards.
• Innovation: FedEx maintains about 670 aircrafts and more than 43,000 vehicles using them differently than any other company.
• Technology and Communication: FedEx continues to search for new technology allowing a budget of $1 billion a year for information technology. They have a highly controlled distribution system with constant information about the status of shipments allowing customers to track them. Weakness:
• Cost of Fuel: FedEx is dependent on gasoline to run its business. Their stock is very sensitive to changes in crude oil. If there is a weakness in the stock market we will see the company’s stock drop. When the cost to run your business goes up it hurts the company’s bottom line.
• Slowdown Economy: A slowdown in the market can cause reduced demand of their services. They are feeling the impact in the domestic area of their service at the moment.
• Poor performance of Kinko’s: They have recorded 2% lower revenues and if this keeps up it will impact the company’s financial performance negatively.

• Expansion Globally: FedEx can continue to grow globally especially in the Asian Markets.
• Expansion of e-commerce: They already have a presence with online shipping but should keep finding Internet companies to
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