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Fedex Case Study Fed Ex Case Issue: Federal Express is a strong recognizable brand with growth potential, but the company faces a multitude of challenges with rising fuel prices, increased value of living, as well as a decline in the economy. FedEx also encounters issues with competition and even negative publicity due to various lawsuits involving violations against EEOC laws and regulations. SWOT Analysis: Strengths: • Best leader in express shipping o 99% of deliveries are on time • Expansion of operations into international markets o Purchase of Tiger International • Strong brand image associated with products, quality, and reliability Weaknesses: • Expensive compared to other…show more content…
FedEx’s deliveries arrive at their destination promptly about 99% of the time. Information Technology – FedEx relies on up to date technology and is one of the keys to their success. As they continue to grow and provide more services, which includes the global market, then information technology must continue to improve with the latest expertise. FedEx wireless technology and online interfaces allow customers to integrate electronic tools and applications to shorten the response time, reduce inventory costs, generate better returns, and simplify their shipping processes.. This is very important in the digital age, where electronic document transmittal through email and the likes is becoming the norm. Software Applications – FedEx provides their customers with innovative technology and software allowing the customer to access real-time information concerning parcels and guarantee that overnight delivery of packages arrive on time to their destination 99 percent of the time. Constantly Improving – No other companies can rival FedEx’s global capabilities or one-stop shopping. Also each year FedEx spends millions of dollars on their advertising campaign. This makes certain their brand is the forerunner of the parcel delivery business at all times. Flexibility – FedEx is always ready to deal with any unanticipated glitches, be it

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