Fedex  Corporation:  Structural  Transformation   Through  E-­‐  Business

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This paper aims to discuss and analyze structural transformation of the FedEx corporation through e-­ business by using different strategic perspectives presented during the course Strategy-­ Process, Content, Context. Firstly, I will present the brief history timeline of the FedEx Corporation with the main highlights that are important for my discussion.
Then in the part Business level strategy I will try to explain how the company related their business with its environment. From its very beginning in 1973, FedEx had transformed itself from the express delivery company to a
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● FedEx teams with on a major e-­commerce event, delivering the book "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" to 250,000 eager customers on the Saturday of its release.
● FedEx introduces customer technology solutions including a redesigned, FedEx e-­Commerce Builder, FedEx Global Trade Manager and FedEx Ship Manager.

Business enviroment is very dynamic system which is constantly changing and evolving, thus, it is very important for the individual companies to relate with its enviroment in a way that will successfully meet their long-­term objectives. Even though sounds very simple, it is very difficult process because of the constantly changing nature of the system.
If a company wants to be successfull in their business it has to be able to create competitive advantage over it competitor in a same business area. (De Wit & Meyer, 2010). What approach or strategy should the company take into account in order to create competitive advantage in their business environment is the core issue for the managers.
If we take a look to the FedEx, their constant concern and challenge is how to stay on top and be competitive. They are not the only one company that
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