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Introduction FedEx is a worldwide shipping and solutions corporation that provides services for: Time-sensitive deliveries to all of the U.S. states and territories, logistics solutions and business support services. FedEx operates through four divisions: FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Services, and FedEx Express. FedEx Ground provides services in the U.S and Canada. The service offers Saturday delivery with no additional charges. FedEx Freight provides time-sensitive truckloads. Services extend through the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. FedEx Services offers solutions for global supply chains, data management services, and e-commerce to its customers. FedEx Express was the first service offered by the company. It included the shipments of time-sensitive and air-ground express services. FedEx is one of the worlds leading transportation businesses delivering small parcels throughout the U.S and to 220 countries internationally. Company History Frederick W. Smith, creator of Federal Express came up with the idea while writing a term for a class he was attending at Yale. His term paper revolved around the fact that mail takes an extended amount of time to reach its recipient. He wanted to develop a delivery system that would be able to deliver time-sensitive packages overnight. The company was later developed when he purchased a controlling stake in Arkansas Aviation Sales after his service in the Marine Corps. Frederick Smith’s

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