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Case 1.1 : FedEx 1) List the business processes displayed in the video.
The first step is to pick up the package at the customer’s and to scan it. Therefore, the employee ) inform FedEx than the package is under FedEx’s responsibility.
The second step is the transport of the package by truck for instance to a hub (or sorting center).
In the third step, the package will process in the sorting center. The package is going to progress in a long and complex net of conveyer belts. This is called the FedEx Ground Automatic Sortation System. Several scans meet packages ways in the sorting center. They check some basic information. One type of scanners checks the size of the box so as to know how much to charge the customer for shipping
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Thus, FedEx can coordinate its daily activities and improve its efficiency just using its data. Moreover, the data collected by FedEx can be used at anytime to obtain metrics and evaluate decisions and costs. The Enterprise System allows data to interact together, giving so valuable information for improving management decision making.

4) How important is technology to FedEx’s business processes ?
Technology stands for a huge part of FedEx’s success. Without it FedEx would not be able to be efficient in shipping packages at the right time. It enables to have the minimum of employees with a maximum of efficiency.
In the video, the FedEx employee compares the sorting center as a “gigantic video game”. This picture points out the fact the company relies for a great part on technology. It disposes of multi-directional scanners, an information computerized system, containers customized so as to adapt their form to the aircraft… It enables the company to maximize the process and to deliver daily millions of packages. The system set up by FedEx gives it a great efficiency. It has succeeded in using technology and setting up an appropriate system of information adapted to its needs.
Even in the transportation of packages, FedEx has developed a good process based on technological tools : managers and employees in airport are aware of delays and know how many must be delivered.
We have already seen the critical place that the information
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