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Internal Environment Analysis
Company Profile * History Founded by Frederick W. Smith, FedEx Express was established in 1973 and it has grown rapidly. Smith had the idea of creating a company that would deliver mail all over the United States over night. His idea was to fly mail from one location to another at night because the traffic is better and packages could be sorted, distributed and out of its original location faster. Delivering to over 220 countries and territories, FedEx today is a big global industry with a vast network worldwide. The company that started as a laid out in an economics class today is one of the biggest mail distribution corporations known by all customers as the company that “send shipment overnight”
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Company current strategy * Generic Strategy
One of the things FedEx does to cut cost is hire college students as part time employees and because of the high turnover they don’t need to unionize. FedEx also differentiate from offering home service to customers. For a small fee they can come to your house to pick up the package for you. All the work customers have to do is to get the package ready. This creates convince for customers without leaving their homes. * Corporate Strategy
FedEx implemented a customer service-driven strategy to ensure and outstanding customer experience. The implementation of this strategy complements the core value of the organization which is to create a positive customer experience. The strategy has three main components to it. First is putting the customer at the heart of everything they do, second is having outside organizations measure consumer, peer, and industry satisfaction and third is to deliver a positive experience to customers, employees, and communities.
Company’s current financial performance * Ratio Analysis
In 2012 FedEx had a total current asset of $9,056,000 and a total current liability of 5,347,000. Those numbers led FedEx to a 1.7:1 liquidity ratio (Yahoo Finance). Since 2010 according to yahoo finance we can see that FedEx has more current assets that current liabilities. Currently FedEx holds a profit
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