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Fed Ex is an express parcel delivery service. This modern air/ground express industry was started by the creation of Federal Express in 1971; this company evolved into the FedEx Corporation in 2000 (FedEx, 2011). For the 2011 Fiscal Year, they had revenue in excess of $39 billion dollars. FedEx is comprised of more than 290,000 global employees. They process more than 8.5 millions shipments each day (FedEx, 2011). FedEx provides services to more than 220 countries and territories, including every address in the United States (FedEx, 2011). FedEx Corporation is the premier provider of shipping and information services worldwide. Their mission statement is evident in everything they do. The mission of FedEx is “FedEx Corporation will…show more content…
The marketing mix allows FedEx to target their audience. FedEx depends on the marketing; management needs market information to create new products or tweak existing products, service location, prices and promotion strategies. These four P’s are the driving force to marketing. FedEx has seven product line and they all employ these P’s in their campaign. Each product line provides different value to FedEx. The marketing department is responsible for marketing and brand recognition for all FedEx entities. Product The product is the good or service (Kotler & Keller, 2009). When FedEx began, they were an express delivery service; however, they have evolved since then to include “office” locations for customers, providing copying/printing services and creating creative company collateral. The FedEx policy is to retain clients for a variety of services. For corporations, this may mean using them for printing, copying, collation of mailings and shipping. By offering a variety of services, FedEx is able to be a one-stop-shop for companies of all sizes. The acquisition of Kinko’s was a key component to the success in this area. Also, by providing multiple revenue streams, they are able to keep the packages moving. Place The place is getting the right product to the right market. FedEx has locations all over the globe. They can ship next door or around the globe. The acquisition of Kinko’s helped to increase the convenience of

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