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FedEx is the world 's largest express delivery, ground small-parcel delivery, less-than-truckload freight delivery, supply chain management, customs brokerage, trade facilitation and e-commerce solutions company with more than 145,000 employee 's worldwide and delivering more than 3.2 million packages daily. They command a fleet of 634 aircraft and more than 42,500 vehicles. FedEx offers various international packages and document delivery services to 214 countries, as well as international freight services and also offers commercial and military charter services. On 12-Feb-2004, FedEx Group acquired Kinko 's, Inc. Now it also provides document solutions and business services, including copying and printing services, signs and graphics, …show more content…
A candidate must complete the following process to become LEAP-endorsed:
• "Is Management for Me?" a one-day class that familiarizes candidates with managerial responsibilities.
• Employee 's Leadership Profile: the employee documents successful demonstration of the nine leadership dimensions required to successfully complete the LEAP process.
• Manager 's Focused Recommendation: the written report from the employee 's manager supporting or opposing the candidate 's leadership capabilities. It is usually prepared after a three- to six-month period during which the manager coaches and evaluates the employee.
• Peer Assessment: an evaluation of the candidate, completed by three to ten of the candidate 's co-workers selected by his or her manager. Peers provide their opinion as to the managerial abilities of the candidate.
• LEAP Panel Evaluation: an interview process conducted by a group of mid-level management trained in LEAP assessment. LEAP candidates present written and oral arguments to the panel supporting specific leadership scenarios. In making their decision, the panel considers the Peer Assessment, Manager 's Focused Recommendation and the Employee 's Leadership Profile. If a candidate is endorsed, they are eligible to apply for management positions, if not endorsed, an employee must wait six months before trying again. FedEx initiated LEAP

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