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Using GIS in Strategic Planning and Execution at FedEx Express Jacquelyn Haas, FedEx Services Jeff McLeod, FedEx Express Rick Dezemplen, FedEx Services Rodney Conger, ESRI Abstract ESRI GIS technologies are being used at FedEx Express to solve complex business problems in both the planning and execution of the daily delivery process. The application of spatial data at FedEx is unique in that it is being used to support several mission critical, multi user applications and processes worldwide. Spatial data is being implemented within the organization for use in decision making for the routing and scheduling of thousands of pickup and delivery vehicles on a daily basis. It is aimed at minimizing costs such as mileage, overtime of…show more content…
These plans are derived using tools such as statistical analysis of historical data and forecast modeling along with the GIS application. The objective of planning is to prescribe the most efficient use of assets, personnel, and time definite windows to pickup and deliver all of the packages that transit through the Express system. As the package volumes fluctuate daily, the Express operations must also be prepared to adjust in order to provide our superior service to our customers at an effective cost. This cycle must be repeated each operating day. ESRI 2010 International User Conference Paper: 1520 2.0 Goals and Objectives for Execution A GIS description of FedEx Express routes Pickup and delivery plans are called route plans, but they do not actually describe a linear point to point driving plan. Route plans are more accurately route areas and describe the area within which a courier operates to pickup and deliver packages. The locations of pickup and delivery sites within the route area are called stops. In the simplest terms, a stop that falls within a given area on a given day of the week and for a given time period will be assigned to a specific courier. Route plans are broken up a bit further by specifying locations inside the truck

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