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EPPM3023/CCCK1023 Student name: 1. Lim Chai* Ping * A115924 Case study Questions for discussion: Which three environmental forces are likely to have the greatest effects on FedEx? Explain your answer. Environmental forces are the unpredictable forces that cannot be controlled and it can be detrimental to the company’s position. Three of the following forces have the greatest impacts on FedEx: Competitors Intense competition from the U.S Postal Service, UPS, Emery, DHL andRPS has enormous effects on FedEx’s business. Competition will affect the profit volume and share market of an organization. Natural disaster Natural disaster such as tropical storms and typhoons are unexpected and…show more content…
Explain. FedEx able to identify the needs of its customer where many businesses demand a more efficient and reliable delivery services. After knowing the needs, FedEx develop an efficient overnight delivery services. This has shown that FedEx’s strategy is market-orientated where it estimated the market needs and created a value to serve the needs. He is able to identify market opportunities, target its market segment (businessmen) and effectively position their service (highly effective overnight delivery service). FedEx adopted market development strategy where it identifies and develops its new market segment by expanding its operation. It purchases Kinko’s, which operates in 11 countries and help the company to reach new customers and expand in Asia and Europe. It expands its reach further with U.S Postal Service where they can place a drop box in every U.S post offices. They also adopted product development strategy where they continually improve and modify its services by providing a new, better service to its markets. For examples, they provide new business services and expand FedEx’s shipping options. FedEx does not view itself being as being in the package and document transport business, but rather it describes its business as delivering “certainty”. This is another marketing concept to avoid the

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