Feed, A Futuristic Novel

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Feed, a futuristic novel by M.T. Anderson, left me feeling disturbed about the faults in perfection. In a society completely ruled by technology, most of the country has a chip implanted in their brain since birth that acts as a phone, computer, television, and more, which known as “the feed.” The feed allows people to chat using just their connected brains, watch television programs, play games, order goods, and research any topic. From the start, I recognized that this was a scary concept, because it meant that website owners and product producers had access to one’s thoughts, preferences, and personality. What made this book so eerie was that I could experience what it would be like to have a constant voice in my head, directing me to…show more content…
Because of the feed, with everyone having access to whatever they please already in their brain, everyone is smart, and no one has to work for it. There is mass danger in this concept. If everyone is smart, no one is smart, because no one knows more than anyone else, and no one stands out. It’s like if you were to highlight everything in an article. If you did that, nothing would be important anymore. This is what the feed does. It is run by companies who search everyone’s brains, and create products that will appeal to everyone. In order to do that, the companies need to make a very simple product everyone can enjoy, slowly deteriorating difference, and slowly making everyone simpler people. In light of what the novel stresses: that making things too easy for humans will ruin the meaning for their existence, the author creates a character essential to get this point across. Violet, Titus’ girlfriend, was different from Titus and his friends. She grew up with less money than them, and with parents against the feed from the start. However, she eventually got the feed, only to run into problems when a hacker damages it permanently. Violet, unlike Titus, understands that companies running the feed were slowly abusing their power to create products they know will have mass appeal. Violet resists this, trying to create a personality profile that cannot fit in with the norms of the feed. Later, when Violet’s feed, which has latched on
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