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Zayed Bennani Mr. Joseph Brunson English 8 10 June 2013 Discussion Questions in Feed 1. GENERATION TITUS a. Not everybody can go to the moon or manage to pay for a trip. Spring Break and travelling will really change because of the upcoming generations. Their technology is so advanced than ours. b. Titus shows us his LACK of APPRECIATION when he feels that going to the moon is “null”. c. During our present days Hairstyles change within the Month or year but not within an hour. Nothing can cause lesions except bad hygiene or bad habits. This shows us that M.T Anderson has a really big imagination and a very realistic future vision. d. I think that it was childish when they started throwing hypodermic needles…show more content…
I felt sorry for her because it seems that no one likes her. . The Clouds tm, School tm, and people not caring about each other. They rather care about their look that about other people’s lives. . I think that it is a bit useless because she doesn’t need all these things. For example if someone needs to die he should write a testament. . I really feel sorry for Violet because it seems to us that she is left out by her parents and friends! Violet seems weird because of her old clothing and hairstyle. She is considered out of style because she is not like everybody else. 9. LITERARY CRITICISM: . Yes, I like M.T Anderson’s style as a author. . I didn’t like the way he wrote the novel. I didn’t like it because he exaggerated a bit. He should write fiction novels. 10. PSYCHOLOGY . This book tells us that human feelings do not exist anymore because of the artificial life. He feels that Violet really loves him and really cares for him as a boyfriend. . He really respects her and he doesn’t want to use her as a sex friend or partner. . Yes, because he has never scared her and he is attached to her. 11. FRIENDSHIP/RELATIONSHIPS . Even if they weren’t doing anything they weren’t board as if they had the feed and did nothing . Oh, Shit 12. DECLINE OF CIVILIZATION . Their protest
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