Feed Discussion Questions

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Zayed Bennani
Mr. Joseph Brunson
English 8
10 June 2013
Discussion Questions in Feed 1. GENERATION TITUS a. Not everybody can go to the moon or manage to pay for a trip. Spring Break and travelling will really change because of the upcoming generations. Their technology is so advanced than ours. b. Titus shows us his LACK of APPRECIATION when he feels that going to the moon is “null”. c. During our present days Hairstyles change within the Month or year but not within an hour. Nothing can cause lesions except bad hygiene or bad habits. This shows us that M.T Anderson has a really big imagination and a very realistic future vision. d. I think that it was childish when they started throwing hypodermic
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3. TIME l. Every part talks about where they are like when they were in the moon the first part were named moon. m. 4. Corporations n. I would compare it to me seeing an Action Man figure advertisement on TV I would keep crying until my parents buy it for me. o. I think that Titus and his friends want to rip off the companies because they want a revenge, for everything that the companies took from them. p. This means that without you are lower than nothing. You are good to be thrown in the trash can. The feed controls you, it is everything into you. q. The initials tm stand for Trade mark. School tm stands for school trade mark. Clouds tm stand for Clouds trade mark. R means registered and c means copyright. r. It is a lot of wasted money for just shorts. That lead to the decline of civilization and plus the money for shipping and that is a lot of wasted money. s. “They: are the corporations, and they want to make all the consumers buy more and more things. t. I think that the hacker is trying to convince everyone that he touched that the feed is and can be really dangerous. He wants the world to change and become a better place for you and for me by stopping the huge corporations from buying more and more. I THINK IT WILL BE HARD.

5. GOVERNMENT u. The United States has controlled the moon and will fight if they have to fight for it. v. Lower class
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