Feedback And A Student 's Motivation Essay

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Feedback to some students may seem unessential, it’s a process that requires others to look at your work/essays and comment structurally and/or critically. It can make or break a student’s ego and cause them to become self-conscious about their work thus leading to assignments not being turned in. It’s easy to stress your students by having unrealistic standards and grading them erratically by going heavy handed with the notorious red pen. But, without feedback students will be unable to improve in writing, feedback is essential though the students realize that or not, it is meant to inform the students about their strengths and weaknesses on an assignment not them personally. In order to become effective in giving feedback the teacher needs to encourage the students on their writing skills by carefully identifying what is strong in their essay and what needs improvement, and also making sure the students are well aware of the differences between the two. It’s important to be encouraging towards their (the student’s) own ideas, this will ensure a trust bond between the student and the teacher, it will allow the student to feel encouraged to turn in assignments, approach the teacher about questions and more importantly feel comfortable about receiving feedback. It is important to always remember that students’ egos are indeed fragile when giving feedback, as teachers it is up to us to measure what degree we should export that feedback. We as teachers have the power to be
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