Feedback Given During Motor Learning

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Feedback given during motor learning provides the information we need to produce and correct our movements to allow correct execution of a skill. Without feedback we would not be able to correctly perform movements as simple as walking or as difficult as hitting a baseball. Feedback allows us to see the outcome of our movement and how we need to adjust our motions to perform the movement correctly. The feedback we as humans rely heavily on is visual feedback; the access to visual feedback helps us in our everyday lives, and without it we would be much less efficient in daily skills and activities. Previous research done in the motor control area has shown that feedback does help learn a new task, but a lot of the previous research relies…show more content…
A gap in this research is how this feedback affects the learning of a new skill over a long period of time. There are not many studies that provide long term evidence to show support for feedback while learning a new skill; this could be because it is costly to conduct such experiments, and it is also hard to find participants who are able and willing to participate in these studies. This study will not be conducted over a long period of time, but further research still needs to be done to see if feedback during a learning phase affects the amount of retention over a long period of time.
Does the inclusion of feedback while learning a new motor skill help in the performance of the skill? During this study I aim to conduct further research on how the use of feedback can affect the performance and retention of a new skill by using both statistical analysis and participant questionnaires. I hypothesize that the analysis will provide statistically significant evidence to prove that visual feedback does provide helpful information while learning a new skill, and I also hypothesize that the questionnaire will provide evidence that participants prefer to have the feedback because it allows them to correct their movements and learn the skill properly.
In the Chiviacowsky et al. study Self-Controlled Feedback: Does it Enhance Learning Because Performers Get
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