Feedback Is Essential For Effective Teaching Essay

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To be sure that the message (knowledge of the subject) has reached the students (the receiver) with the same meaning, purpose and intention as was desired, the teacher has to get some acknowledgement from the students. Feedback is the process that ensures this. This can take the form of a mod, an acknowledgement, or doing something as expected by the students. Feedback provides a learning opportunity to the-teacher and the students both as it mirrors where the communication has gaps or inadequacies indicating the corrective action to be taken. In case of classroom teaching such feedback is essential for effective teaching. On the other hand if students act in conformity with the communicated items, they also need to know this from the teacher. This kind of feedback loop is the most essential principle of effective teaching. Positive and negative both kinds of feedback are necessary. They should, however be focused on specific action rather than on the individual student. Comments related to behavior are accepted more easily than those relating to an individual personality, attitudes, feelings etc. But it is necessary to tell the students where they are wrong. If they are not told this, the wrongs may perpetuate. Feedback, which is provided "Here and Now" is more meaningful than the delayed one. It is more effective to provide a feedback as a way of sharing information rather than insisting on the right way of doing things. For that reason the teacher
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