Feedback Session With My Colleagues

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The feedback session with my colleagues was quite useful. Ezekiel and Shahabul pointed out that I didn 't appear to have a thesis statement and I have sought to make this clearer in the first paragraph. Fabian also, pointed out that I often used abbreviations and this was not appropriate as it meant that I assumed everyone knew what I was talking about. I am also very thankful to Emile for asking what which Africans ethnicity I was interested in studying as there are black, white and Asian people who identify as African. While this is a valid point for my dissertation, I am not sure if this is something I want to focus on for this paper.

As I look through my memos, I noticed that a central theme appears to be emerging. My topic and the central theme in my memos seem to be revolving around giving a voice to groups of people who may have not the opportunities to be heard in previous education research. In my first memo I talked about my identity as a researcher and why I was interested in different topics. It became clear to me that my interest in marginalized groups of the population was a primary driving force behind my interest in the topics. For the purpose of this paper I will focus on the challenges and strategies I could use to amplify the voices of those some unheard by research. I will reflect through select class readings, my memo compilation and select class discussions.
One way to give voices to groups of frequently unheard populations is
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