Feedback Session with James

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To begin, I would approach the feedback session with James by first establishing a mutual identification of the problem. The problem identification should be fairly easy to establish as gaps within the performance evaluation create conflicts of appraisal. These conflicts are derived mainly from the both the qualitative and quantitative factors prevailing in the appraisal. For one, the appraisal does not take into account the difficulty embedded in managing the most profitable branch in Los Angeles. These difficulties are apparent within the overall customer satisfaction scored, providing a detriment to the overall performance appraisal. Both parties, before beginning the formal appraisal must first understand the nature of the problem embedded within the appraisal itself. In particular, I would reference back to the over performance in regards to many of the quantitative metrics such as profit and margin. This metrics, by virtue of managing the most profitable branch in Los Angeles, have greatly exceeding expectations. I would also be sure to reference James' prior track record of over performance relative to his management peers. After this acknowledgment, I would then attempt to come to a mutual agreement regarding the nature of the appraisal and the problems entrenched within the overall process. By redefining the problem as a shared and collaborative effort, both parties involved can come to a mutually beneficial solution. After the mutual identification of the
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