Feeding American Ethics

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he greatest plea for reason is its fairmindedness (Obejective views) but at the same time shows its lapse in weakness. With morals we associate the importance and consequences of our decisions along with morals so it is for this reason that ethics can not be purely objective. Without, the belief in an absolute moral code ethics regarding reason has to always associate with context therefore certain uses of reasoning can be better than others when talking about context. Through our previous example we use emotion to judge the severity of the crisis. In the U.S protestors of all sorts took the internet and the streets to protest the idleness of America. These protestors showed a ‘motivation’ for what they believed is right in a democracy where…show more content…
My job as a volunteer, is at times to call certain groceries to delivering the food to the warehouse. Through more emotional seasons such as Thanksgiving and Christmas (sometimes families in desperate need come to the actual warehouse), the appeal of emotions work better than the idea of reason. The reason for this is the natural nature of human beings. Humans naturally are not sadistic creatures instead the trait of empathy is imperative to our decisions regarding morals. Our empathy for others and emotional understanding allows us to produce more knowledge through shared knowledge as it gives a path to understanding of others. However, in opposition to this view reason can not be counted out in term of being left to operating purely on emotion. Without reason I would decide to give every family that showed an entire ration to last them for years, but this would lead to consequences that are not wanted. As a result we should not rely on pure individual emotions as the foundation of our moral decisions but also have a more consistent system to make our decisions based off of which is reason. With this being said emotions often times contradict our reasoned arguments but both are codependent of each other in the justification of…show more content…
In Ethics it is more of personal and shared knowledge while the human sciences mainly deal with theoretical knowledge. The mindset that has followed the sciences over time has grown to think that reason is all that is used in the Sciences. It is correct to make the assumption that reason does indeed play a dominant role. THe thought of only accepting knowledge through the way of knowing of sense perception in human science leads to a positivistic view. Which in essence explains that all knowledge that derives from sense perception is a form of authoritative
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