Feeding The Fire Of School Lunches

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Feeding the Fire One of the things that I feel that needs to change in the everyday lives of children is school lunches, if kids keep eating the way they do the rise of obesity in our country will never diminish. I am not really familiar in the process that goes into making school lunches or what ingredients and nutrients are in them, i do know from personal experience that they are not the healthiest things that kids should be consuming everyday. From my personal experience, after just graduating high school, I could see the healthier changes trying to be made in lunches. Breads were being turned to whole grain, kids had to have a vegetable or fruit, i could tell the people in the lunchroom really tried to enforce these rules and restrictions. School cafeterias have steered away from actual cooking in cafeterias, everything is now just preparing pre cooked food, such as; pizza, corn dogs, frozen eat etc. Eating well is the main thing people need to control to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Kids becoming inactive and eating unhealthy is leading to more children becoming overweight. In grades k-5 lunches should not contain more than 650 calories, the average kids school lunch contains more than 850 calories.(Luke). This fact alone shows that kids are consuming more calories than they should while eating at school. Yes it is hard to monitor calories on kids because they have a choice in what they get at lunch. When i was eating lunch at school we had the choice of whatever we

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