Feeding Tubes Essay

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In society today, we often have to make decisions. Some of these decisions may mean the life or death of a loved one. The decision of whether or not to administer artificial nutrition and hydration as a form of life support is one decision that some people have to make. I feel that tube feedings, while okay for short term use are fine, but they should not be used as a form of long term care because the risks outweigh the benefits of having a feeding tube. A tube feeding is a medical procedure that people can accept or deny. Feeding tubes provide a chemically balanced mix of nutrients and fluid to those who are unable to swallow, eat, or drink enough nutrition to maintain proper nutrition and hydration. " Doctors and nurses, rather…show more content…
Another type of administration similar to bolus feeding is intermittent feeding. Unlike bolus, it is administered over at least a half-hour. A pump or gravity can be used to control flow rate. A third type of administration is continuous feedings, which is administered over a ten to twenty four hour period. This type is used most in institution settings with a pump. No one type of administration has proven better than any other type of administration. No matter how it is administered when used on a long-term basis, the complications become very abundant. Adequate nutrition is often not provided due to problems with diarrhea, tube clogging, and aspiration. Diarrhea strikes almost all patients with feeding tubes. It can occur for several reasons. Most of the time it is because of the type of formula used for feeding. It would be impossible to get proper nutrients from the formula if it is going straight through a person's system. The diarrhea itself can cause skin problems if not removed promptly. Promptness is very important when monitoring feeding tubes. If a tube is clogged and it is not reached quickly, the patient is going without nutrients they need. A clogged tube basically starves the person because no formula is permitted to flow through the tube. Aspiration is another complication that is common among patients with feeding tubes. Aspiration is when food enters the lungs causing the person to choke. The reported
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