Feeling Sorry for Pip in Great Expectations Essay

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How does Dickens make us feel sorry for Pip in the early chapters of the Novel?

When Dickens is writing about Pip we see there are many things he tells us that make us feel sorry for him. The first thing we learn is
Pips Fathers name and that he is dead. He then writes that Pip has never seen his parents and that he has to guess what they look like from the lettering on their Gravestones and although we feel sorry that his parents have died, we cant help but feel positive by the way he guesses what they look like. This feeling is then made worse as we learn that he next to his parents headstones are five other headstones in memory of his five brothers. The graveyard at the start of the book is also a typical example of how the
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Pip agrees to this and hurry's off home scared of the man who will rip out his heart.

When Pip gets back home we meet Joe Gargery, the Blacksmith, he is the
Husband of Pips sister who raised Pip by hand. Joe is a friendly man and is always trying to encourage and help Pip. Another major quality we see in Mr. Joe is how he looks after Pip and protects him from his sister. Pips sister beats Pip quite regularly because Pip is quite mischievous. Mr. Joe completely disagrees with wife beating, and protects Pip from his sister by warning him before he is going to get beaten. Chapter 2 " Mrs. Joe has been out a dozen times, looking for you, Pip…and what's worse she's got Tickler with her." Tickler being a cane. This shows us that Mr. Joe cares a lot about Pip and we can also see a father or brother figure in Mr. Joe. He is a kind of stereotypical hero, because he is strong, he is kind, he cares for
Pip, he has a sense of what is right and wrong and puts others first.
He is also a role-model to Pip, even thought Pip doesn't want to be a blacksmith, he wants to be as kind, unselfish and have the same sense of what's right as Mr. Joe. Mrs Joe Gargery has told pip many a time that she raised him by hand but Pip does not understand the meaning of this and believes that it means raised him by hitting him. Pip is the narrator of Great Expectations, with his perspective being the only one the reader sees. At first, knowing poor Pip's thoughts helps the
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