Feeling the Power of the Book, The Odyssey Essay

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No one ever told me to read The Odyssey--and that was the greatest educational travesty of my life. I first read it after High School while working at Colonial Motors in West Concord. I didn't "get it" any more than the most confused among you, but what I did do is "feel it:" I felt its primordial power and emotional bareness; I felt another world, another age and another human journey come alive inside of me. It made me feel that I was a part of long and unbroken lineage of humanity searching for truth and purpose in a world--especially my world, a world not always blessed with clarity and opportunity. I had always been the kid in the back of the class staring out the window dreaming of a better world--and scheming a way to get there. I…show more content…
You probably wonder why I feel it is worthwhile to read this book during your 8th grade year. Why don't we just watch "Star Wars" or"24" or "Wizard of Oz?" Why? Because "Star Wars, "24" and "Wizard of Oz" are archetypes; they are a variation on an experience infinitely more real; they are built on the backs of hundreds of books and movies that came before them. But The Odyssey was built on human experience; it was created out of our most primal need for the wisdom, hope and guidance that will get us through life. The Odyssey doesn't give us the tools we need to tackle the problems of life, it simply shows us the heroic nature required to deal and cope the setbacks, sorrows and tragedies of every life. Bright-eyed Athena might not be at our side helping us through the day, but The Odyssey shows us that Athena comes in many guises and seldom reveals her true self; and we, too, need to accept wisdom at the opportuen time in its many forms. As much as we are taught to stay away from strangers we still must turn our ears to the words they speak--for it might be the very truth we long and need to hear. We might not have a six headed monster on one side of the hallway and a deadly whirlpool on the other, but we do have to make tough decisions where the outcomes range from bad to worse. Don't despair or even allow for frustration; If you wonder what is going on, then you are doing the
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