Feelings And Emotions In The Stranger By Albert Camus

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In The Stranger by Albert Camus, the protagonist Meursault demonstrates an exceptionally strong connection with the physical world around him. Meursault favors physically connecting with someone over creating an emotional bond with them. When in jail Meursault mentions that he missed being with a woman, meaning he missed the physical contact with them. In a sense Meursault lives his life similar to the way an animal does, meaning he focus’ mainly on surviving and the physical aspects of the worlds as opposed to taking emotions into account like most human beings. Throughout the novel the weather, specifically the sun, appears to control Meursault’s emotions and put a weight on his shoulders. It seems as if Meursault could not care less about how people feel with or around him but Meursault’s emotions are represented through the weather. In his mind, emotions and feelings are an insignificant part of life. He sees no point in showing emotions or acknowledging them publicly but this doesn’t mean his emotions are missing. Meursault’s dislike of acknowledging emotions is shown when Marie asks him if he loves her. He responds by simply saying that “it didn’t mean anything” (Camus 35). This same philosophy is demonstrated when he is at his mother’s funeral. When an unfamiliar woman begins to cry all Meursault can think about is her stopping, showing his dislike of emotions being so blantly present. The only time Meursault seems to feel something and acknowledge it is when he is
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