Feigning Madness Or Truly Insane?

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Aubrey Booker Mrs. Hopkins English IV-AP 7 May 2015 Feigning Madness or Truly Insane? In Shakespeare’s Hamlet each of the characters face many trials and tribulations throughout the play. Hamlet, the main character, suffers the most. While Hamlet deals with all of the problems he faces, he becomes mentally unstable. Some believe that Hamlet just feigned madness while others believe that he actually became insane. Hamlet began to face insanity after the marriage of his mother and uncle and his problems only became worse which leads to Hamlet truly becoming insane. The first problem in the play occurs when a ghost begins showing up at the castle. At the beginning of the play two guards stand outside of the castle speaking of a ghost they had seen twice before “this dreaded sight twice seen of us” (1.1.25). Horatio, a scholar, stands with the men when the ghost comes by again and Marcellus, a guard, says to Horatio “Thou art a scholar; speak to it Horatio” (1.1.42). After failed attempts at speaking with the ghost, it leaves and Horatio contemplates whose ghost it could have been. Marcellus asks Horatio “Is it not like the king?” (1.1.58) to which Horatio agrees and points out that the ghost wore the very armor the late King wore to battle with Norway. Horatio knew that he should consult Prince Hamlet about the appearance of the late King Hamlet’s ghost as perhaps he will know what to do. Claudius, brother to the late King, announces that he has married his brother’s wife

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