Felix Kjellberg Research Paper

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The person who I admire the most is Felix Kjellberg. Felix is a funny, caring and inspiring person. Felix more known as Pewdiepie is a popular gaming Youtuber on YouTube, he has over forty-four million subscribers and growing. And he calls his subscribers "Bro Army." He has a girlfriend named Marzia Bisognin and they both have pugs named Edgar and Maya. Mariza has a called CutiePieMarzia with over six million subscribers. Felix loves gaming and playing scary games, dumb games, and funny ones. He has a montage of all his games and it's called Funny Moments which has over seven-three million views. He is currently recording VR videos and Pokemon Go. He also play with other famous Youtubers like Jacksepticeye, CinnamonToastKen, and
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