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Felix Longoria’s Wake The book Felix Longoria’s Wake is the account of the death of Felix Longoria a soldier that caused controversy and outrage in Mexican-American activism. This book is put together with documented evidence and interviews with key figures. Carroll explains the reason behind why Longoria’s incident ignited activism. There were more severe acts of discrimination against Mexican Americans that were not brought into the spot light. He clarifies why this particular incident became such a turning point in nationalism and emotion between the Mexican and American cultures. Felix Longoria was a first class private who earned many metals including: a Bronze Service Star, a…show more content…
Carroll became apart of the University Faculty in 1976. Felix Longoria’s Wake was originally to be written by Political Science Professor Frederick A. Cervantes who unfortunately passed away in 1986. A Civil Rights Activist appointed Carroll to complete the task. “Felix Longoria’s Wake” received positive reviews and the Tullis Prize in 2003 for the best-published book on Texas history presented by the Texas State Historical Association. He was also a featured author in the 2003 Texas Book Festival. Carroll has given presentations across the nation and Mexico and received the University’s Excellence in Scholarship Award in 2004. The book was very well put together and organized with documented evidence and interviews from important people. A lot of research was put into this book and all the research used is cited in the back of the book. Since the topic is such a controversial topic I understand that all the information had to be correctly used which is why the research was so in-depth. The book was easy to read there was a few words I was unsure of and had to define in order to better understand them. The situation itself brought up other issues of that time such as: social, economic, and politics. The conclusion at the end really helps by summing up some main points considering there is a lot of information throughout the reading. The drawing and pictures included in the text are very interesting and it is really cool to get to see

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