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Felix Miyago Ms. Mylan, Mr. Stewart English 3rd, History 1st 12 May 2017 Food Insecurity: A food crisis to the people “Food insecurity isn’t a measure of hunger; it is based on the measure of a person’s financial circumstances and their perception of how much food they can afford to buy.” It is estimated that 31 million people in the United States have experienced either food insecurity or actual hunger (George, 1). Roughly a third of food insecure households have “very low food security.” And the number of people going hungry has grown dramatically in the U.S. “increasing to 48 million by 2012 (McMillan,1) has caused one in five children to grow up in poverty which has affected academic performance and social skills”. “In 1980 there were…show more content…
And race or ethnicity households played a role in having different rates of food insecurity varied greatly- “10.6% of white households struggled to get enough to eat, compared with 26.1% black households and 23.7% hispanic households” (Fessler, 1-2). “Food stamps has been a way for people dealing with food insecurity by providing food for people that are struggling with getting the right food since they don’t earn as much.” But Congress reducing food stamp benefits to 47 million people and because of that the “food stamp usage has decreased by 27% over the past” 3 ½ years (George, 1). However there are more food pantries, soup kitchens, and food banks that opened to help people that can’t get enough from food stamps. But people have to take time off work to go there because the hours for food stamp offices and food banks aren’t open the entire day (George, 1). “There has been many causes for food insecurity like biofuel because it requires a large amount of vegetables which increases the prices for vegetables (National Center Biotechnology Information), housing cost since the prices for rent have been increasing, unemployment because they lost their job and can’t afford food, low wages because they don’t receive enough money which they have to use for housing cost and would have to cut the cost for food, medical/health care due to them being injured and

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