Felix's Case Study: The Negligence Law

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Felix Frankfurter is a small, slightly-built senior citizen who loves to eat seafood, especially prawns. He believes the best prawns sold in his suburb are at the local department store known as Rooks. One Friday he arrived at the store to do his weekly shopping. He went to the seafood counter and ordered 500 grams of green prawns for his dinner with his wife that evening. He was served by , an employee, who wrapped the prawns in a packet and then gave them to him. Felix then moved on to do the rest of his shopping. Shortly afterwards Felix remembered that his wife said her sister and her husband were joining them for dinner that night. He opened the packet with the prawns in them to check their numbers and realised that there may not be enough for a meal for the four of them so he decided to go back to the seafood counter to top them up. As he did this he was being observed by a burly shop assistant known as "Grubby" Palmer some five metres away who thought Felix's behaviour was suspicious. Palmer followed Felix as he made his way back to the counter. While walking behind Felix, Palmer observed two or three empty prawn shells on the floor. Palmer also noticed Felix was chewing. Just as Felix arrived at the seafood counter he felt a hand on his shoulder turning him round. He was then confronted by Palmer who stood within 30 centimetres of Felix and said to him in an aggressive manner: "You've been stealing prawns. I want to see inside your jacket pockets to see where they

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