Fellowship Of The Ring Comparison

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The Fellowship of the Ring suggests eminent amounts of interest, adventure and inspiration as it utilizes great detail and excitement all throughout the storyline. Notably, at first glance this book is profoundly intriguing as it is fantasy-fiction and creates an entire alternate universe for you to imagine and develop within your mind. For instance in one of my favourite games The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Link must collect the three spiritual stones before Ganondorf to save Hyrule from evil ways. Similarly, Frodo must take the ring away from Shire and not let Sauron find him, and it is connected to Zelda as they both are fictional adventure stories which develop more deeply as they their journeys continue. My first impression of the book is Frodo seems to be put in a situation completely due to fate as Bilbo settled on giving the ring to him while Frodo never proclaimed he yearned for this responsibility.…show more content…
Additionally, it leaves me with many unanswered questions which can only be answered by reading the book or by cheating and watching the movie because I am very impatient. Tolkien definitely has inspired bounteous amounts of individuals with this novel as it practically invented fantasy- fiction due to the lack of this style in the era the book was developed, considering the idea was very new and
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