Femal Arousal Disorder

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FEMALE AROUSAL DISORDER In recent years more then ever women are being studied for problems with sexual disorders and dysfunction’s "Sexual disorders and dysfunction's refer to difficulties individuals experience in their sexual functioning." (O’Donohue, Geer) In the past when sexual problems were studied amongst women the focus was on the orgasmic phase, with such problems as Vaginismus, Dyspareunia and Anorgasmia, rather than on the arousal phase. Even in 1970 when Masters and Johnson published their famous book Human Sexual Inadequacy, they omitted form their finding associated with arousal disorder in women for reasons unknown. However many contemporary sex researchers, reason that arousal problems…show more content…
However as early as 1966, Master's and Johnson examined physiological responses “that occurred during pregnancy and they found that "pregnancy itself produced pelvic vasocongestion, and the vasocongestive response of sexual arousal was altered." with pregnancy several new hormones present themselves in extremely high levels. The combination of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy will surely effect sexual desire and arousal. The physical changes that accompany pregnancy such as vasocongestion, edema and pressure of the fetus have also been known to hamper the sexual arousal process for women. "Other physical symptoms such as morning sickness; changes in body image tend to also play a significant role in whether women are able to become sexually aroused or not." (Master, Johnson) As Falicov reported in 1973 many of his subjects feared engaging in sexual activities, while pregnant, for the simple fact they believed that they might injure the maturing fetus. As one patient put it "I think my husband and I unconsciously are both concerned about harming the baby, even though we both know better. Not only do we make love less often now but also we spend less time at it." Postpartum and breast-feeding following the birth of a child can have a negative affect on

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