Female And Female Athletes

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The scoreboard does not recognize if the conquered points are achievements of male or female athletes, then why does Canadian society? Sports include any activity which requires physically exercising a skill by competing against another party for the purpose of entertainment. This paraphrased definition does not specify if sports are better suited for males or females, yet there remains to be debate present over the equality - or lack thereof - enjoyed by females in Canadian sports. Not only are female athletes extremely under-represented in the media, they are also given fewer opportunities in comparison to their male counterparts. With evidence through studies, there is little room for argument regarding the validity of gender inequality in Canadian athletics at the varsity level, specifically focusing on Canadian universities.
Part of the success that athletes enjoy comes from the media coverage which allows for these individuals to garner the needed attention to make their careers fruitful. Many of the top-grossing athletes in Canada are known to be male hockey or basketball players; or at least that is the assumption many would make due to the coverage by the media. There are two mains reasons for the poor coverage of women’s sports: the never-changing major portions of the sports pages in newspapers, which are primarily tailored towards the recognition of male athletes, and also the journalists who assume that the vast majority of Canadian communities have a greater…

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