Female And Female Athletes

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The scoreboard does not recognize if the conquered points are achievements of male or female athletes, then why does Canadian society? Sports include any activity which requires physically exercising a skill by competing against another party for the purpose of entertainment. This paraphrased definition does not specify if sports are better suited for males or females, yet there remains to be debate present over the equality - or lack thereof - enjoyed by females in Canadian sports. Not only are female athletes extremely under-represented in the media, they are also given fewer opportunities in comparison to their male counterparts. With evidence through studies, there is little room for argument regarding the validity of gender inequality…show more content…
The problem here extends even further to the fact that most of sports editors and authors are male. The inequality present in Canadian athletics is not new; it has been noted that between the years 1954 to 1987, 90.8% of Sports Illustrated articles were of discriminatory nature and tended to focus on white male athletes by writing lengthy articles and consequently resulting in shorter and biased articles for females and black athletes. With restraints from the media - an important medium of athletic information for the public and sports scouts - females have faced a difficult past in regards to successfully promoting their achievements and careers. Furthermore, it has been noted that females are more often to be considered for coverage if they were participating in aesthetic sports, rather than men. There are many specific instances through which gender inequality can be analyzed. It has been advertised by many university athletic departments that there is a comparable number of stories in news releases for both men and women; however, the news releases on the men’s team were usually longer. One may assume that teams that were more successful deserved more detailed and thoroughly reviewed coverage, yet the men’s and women’s basketball teams had similar records. In explicit contrast with basketball teams, ice hockey teams in Canada appear to promote, publicize and celebrate men’s teams more than women’s teams. Without significant recognition for
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