Female And Male And Female

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Male and female. Two words, that define our entire lives from the day we are born. Binary classifications of sex and gender have always been the norm in society. The entrenchment of those categories in identification documents, expose individuals who do not correctly fit into the status-quo of these two categories. Among them, intersex people are especially vulnerable. In recent years, the LGBTQ community has had strong pushes for more rights and societal recognition, however there is still one hole remaining that flies under the radar all too often. To this day, people are still predominantly unaware of the existence of intersex people. However, through the striving growth of the number of intersex groups and individual activists, the…show more content…
Many intersex individuals do identify as either a man or woman, while others simply identify as both or neither. This is an area that many intersex individuals struggle to deal with however, as they do not fit the social or cultural construct of what it means to be biologically male or female. For something to be socially constructed is for it to have a defined meaning or connotation assigned to it, an invention of a particular society. It is an idea that is obvious and naturally universally accepted within a society. It is believed that males should be strong, independent, non-emotional, and sexually aggressive, while females should be emotional, nurturing, and sexually submissive. Anything outside of these expected norms would be breaking the social construct that our society has created for us. Paul Boghossian talks about how if we had been a diverse society that had different “needs, values, or interests” (1), that we might have built this society different than how we did. If our society did not feed its people the television, movies, newspapers, magazines, and more recently social media that has created this social construct in our western culture of what the typical male or female should look or act like, intersex people would be viewed in the same light as everyone else. Without all of those factors brainwashing us into the way that ourselves and our peers should act,
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