Female And Male Reproductive System

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Both a female and a male reproductive system are made up of different organs that help create and produce new breathing life. Even though all parts are important in the reproductive system, males have two major parts in their reproductive system, their testis where sperm is produced and the penis. The same goes for women, although all parts are important two are major to their reproductive system, the vagina and the uterus. It’s a fact that males can’t reproduce life without an egg to fertilize and women are the only ones who carry an egg that can be fertilized. Males are still able to produce the sperm, but can’t be successful to make life without the other necessities. Women as well need the male sperm to be able to have their eggs fertilized. Women aren’t capable of producing life without a type of male sperm to fertilize their egg. To a conclusion male and female working together is the way to use the reproductive system to properly reproduce and create life. In the process after the males have produced sperm and exposed it in the female reproductive organs, billions of sperm cells are off on a race to find, fertilize and penetrate an egg. Once a sperm has penetrated through the cell membrane of the egg, its electrical characteristics start to change. Sperm that was in the race will soon die off in forty-eight hours. When the egg has now become fertilized it’s now called a zygote. After everything, cell division immediately begins to take process. The zygote
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