Female Athlete Triad : A Condition

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Bailey Jensen Mrs. Hable College Prep Writing 11 September 2015 Female Athlete Triad Female athlete triad is a condition where bone loss, irregular menstrual cycles, and energy deficiency occur in athletes. Occasionally referred to as the triad, this condition is seen mostly in female athletes, although in rare cases male athletes can suffer from it as well. It occurs so often in today 's female athletes however, due to distorted body expectations, common menstrual irregularities, and the already lower bone densities of women. When these symptoms combine, it creates a very serious and life-long health risk. Femaleathletetriad.org states that one of the causes is weakened bones, which, in the most severe form, is known as osteoporosis. This state of weakened bones leads to an increased risk for injury, especially when it comes to stress fractures (femaleathletetriad.org). Many runners get stress fractures in their shins, located on the most forward side of the calves. Stress fractures originate mainly from over exercising with not enough recovery, not eating properly balanced meals, or from a mixture of the two. I can personally advocate for this, as a few years ago on my own cross country team a sophomore girl cut meat and milk out of her diet while continuing to do the very demanding varsity practices. Because she lacked the protein and calcium to fuel her muscle and bones, she developed a very bad case of shin splints, making it nearly impossible to run at her full
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