Female Athletes And The Female Athlete, By Irene Lambrinoudaki And Dimitra Papadimitriou

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The Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences produced an article, “Pathophysiology of bone loss in the female athlete,” by Irene Lambrinoudaki and Dimitra Papadimitriou, written in 2010. My athletic career ended recently, however being a three sport female athlete in high school and participating in two sports in college was extremely important to me. By being so active with sports, this article caught my eye and has made me realize how common it is for women to suffer from this bone loss problem. Reading this has interested me in wanting to learn more about bone loss in female athletes and what causes it, along with how to manage this unfortunate problem ( ). As a student nurse wanting to focus more so on women’s health, this topic is a great way for me to expand my knowledge focusing on women. The beginning of this article gives the reader a brief overview of what will be talked about with female athletes involving bone loss and then leads into an introduction giving us some statistics. As a teenager and young adult, one will experience the most bone growth, and bone remodeling will continue throughout ones life. For the average human, many factors come into play to have strong bone growth and not end up with low bone mineral density (BMD). The factors that come into play are gender, exercise, nutrition, endocrine factors, and of course your genes. As for female athletes, it was found that certain types of exercise, eating habits, and endocrine disorders are very
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