Female Athletes Research Paper

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Imagine this, you are an athlete but not just an athlete a female athlete, and you’re having the time of your life playing the sport you love, you want to go to college. You work your butt off to get a scholarship, and at the end of your senior year, your last game. At the end you see a college scout walking towards you, your heart pounds, he says you are a very talented athlete, but sadly we don’t have the money to get you a scholarship. Sports are a popular activity all over, gender should not be in any part of equality, fairness, and treatment of athletes. Some people think just because you are a female athlete you don’t deserve as fair treatment as men get, but others disagree. Female athletes should get treated just as equal as male athletes…show more content…
A majority a female undergraduates (116) took a survey and said they have interest in sports and physical fitness, but very few were actually involved in a club and or activity. Don’t you think people who like and enjoy sports and put in hard work and they practice hard deserve fair choices to what they want to do with their life? Do you think we have that today? Furthermore, according to a study involvement in college athletics has dropped. Just picture this, you played a sport in high school, and it is the best sport and you love everything about it. Then, you decide to quit just because female athletes don’t get as equal of opportunity as male athletes get. In addition, according to the NCAA Gender Equity Study (1992). Males have twice as much athletic opportunities as women do in NCAA Division I-III schools. People say this is adding to lesser participation in sports (Miller, Baker, and Heinrich, 2000). Don’t you think as a female athlete you deserve an equal chance to play sports men play, and you are better than half the team but people say girls don’t deserve a fair chance. Next, in 2010, high school have more than 3.2 million women involved in sports(compared to 295,000 in 1972), According to the National Federation of State High School Associations. Plus, the National Collegiate Athletic Association states more than 193,000 women play college sports. (Issitt, 2014). Picture this, you play as a kicker on the men’s varsity football team and you are a girl. Plus it is the state championship and you are down by one and the offense is in perfect position, you walk on the field and and kick the game winning field goal and set a high school record. A college scout walks onto the field and says nice kick I’d offer you a scholarship but you are a girl. Athletes are athletes, gender should not be a factor that decides which sports you can play or which sports you
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