Female Body Image and the Mass Media Essay

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The media is a fascinating tool; it can deliver entertainment, self-help, intellectual knowledge, information, and a variety of other positive influences; however, despite its advances for the good of our society is has a particular blemish in its physique that targets young women. This blemish is seen in the unrealistic body images that it presents, and the inconsiderate method of delivery that forces its audience into interest and attendance. Women are bombarded with messages from every media source to change their bodies, buy specific products and redefine their opinion of beauty to the point where it becomes not only a psychological disease, but a physical one as well. The issue, as mentioned above, is largely due to the fact that the…show more content…
Anorexia is one such process that is growing in popularity and affecting “three to five percent of young Canadian women [between the ages of] 14 and 25” (Milne 5). Dr. Joan Johnston, an Edmonton family physician, describes this method as being unhealthy and ineffective and relates to her own experience by stating “I weigh 133 [pounds], the same as I did before anorexia” and that the “societal problem…is not getting any better”. Women are plagued not only with a psychological issue of achieving a perfect body, as described by the media, but also physical disorders that will plague them for years to come if they continue resorting to certain options. The media also proves its irresponsibility towards women as it advertises various products or treatments for those who wish to achieve a specific body image. Some of these products, such as the proven medicinal ones, may have the capability of reducing a person’s weight or changing their image, but in many cases false advertisement gets the better of its viewers. Despite this fact many will continue using a product in desperation for a change. Milne confirms this notion when she mentions several statistics that are centered around appearance related topics: “unhappiness with body image seems to be a national preoccupation…70% of Canadian women are preoccupied with their weight…[and] 24% of women would give up three years of their life to achieve their weight goals” (Milne 4, 9). Deborah A. Sullivan, author of
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