Female Breast Cancer Awareness : Female And Female Anatomy

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Female Breast Cancer Awareness
Breasts are a natural organ in the male and female anatomy. It is a structure that is mainly used in the production of milk; to lactate. The female breasts are mainly composed of adipose tissue which contains a high amount of fat cells. The adipose tissue is not only contained within the axillary area of our thoracic cavity, but it also extends superiorly to the collarbone and inferiorly down to our ribcage as well. In women, within our breasts, we have lobules which are connected by the milk ducts that give us the ability to lactate milk exiting through the nipple making it possible for females to nurse. The location of those lobes and lobules are scatter within the fibrous and adipose tissue within our thoracic cavity. The breast anatomy of the male is fairly similar with the exception of the lack of lobules that are needed for lactation. The way nutrients are delivered to the milk in the breasts are from the blood supply traveling within the internal mammary artery which is just slightly beneath the breast tissue. Becoming informed about this inevitable cancer can be very helpful for yourself, family, friends, and the people around you. To be able to understand the causes, preventions, and treatment options for this common type of cancer mostly in women can aid in future needs.
There are many causes to breast cancer from it being an inherited gene mutation to acquired gene mutations. Inherited gene mutations “can

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