Female Celebrities Of The Rap Music Industry

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Male celebrities also affect the how males want to act and look. When they see certain celebrities getting more attention, they look to that person for guidance. Society idolizes celebrities. It’s hard to not be affected by male celebrities because that’s all people talk about. Attractive celebrities’ bodies are talked about all the time on the radio or they’re shown on television. Some movies have parts where the actor takes off his shirt for no given reason. Males are exposed to very attractive bodies that they cannot achieve on a normal basis. Young males see these football players and see what their lives are like from the outside and want to be like them. Media also influences the way males act. Through looking up to role models in the rap music industry, young males follow what is said in the lyrics. Males view these celebrities as idols and believe the only way to live is to follow their footsteps. Males always need to be stronger than each other. Society pins males up against each other, just like they do to females. Society likes to keep the stereotypical roles that have been around for decades. If people fit these roles, they are deemed to be more pleasing and beautiful than the women who do not follow these stereotypical roles. Women are supposed to be dependent, emotional, quiet, modest, and weak. When women do not follow the “normal” characteristics, they are often shamed. If a women is independent, people assume she thinks she is better than everyone. If a
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