Female Characters Of The Play By William Shakespeare 's ' Tis Pity She 's A Whore '

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First impressions of any play or novel are largely gained from its title. In this case, the title also happens to be the concluding line of the play itself; “ ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore” suggests the play is based around a woman and her promiscuous actions. This instantly places women in a bad light before the play even commences suggesting that there was a woman in a shameful situation due to her ‘whore’ like actions towards men and how things could have been different if she did not allow her promiscuous side to take over control. This title makes women appear to be inferior to men as if this would not have happened to a man as they would never have found themselves in a situation such as this woman has found herself in. There are a vast variety of female characters in the play with many diverse personality types. Ford writes most of the female characters to be weak and inferior to men to fit with the Victorian audiences idea of how women were to be perceived - ‘powerless and at the mercy of men’. There are also certain female characters such as Putana and Hippolita who appear to go against the stereotypical idea of how women should act and behave during the Victorian era, these characters would have been extremely shocking for a 19th century audience. At the end of the play all of the women die nasty deaths and in all situations are due to their actions that surround men. They all die or are murdered for different reasons but in all circumstances involve being misunderstood

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