Essay on Female Characters in Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Female Characters in Bram Stoker's Dracula

Having studied Bram Stoker's Dracula as part of my GCSE English
Course, I am going to consider the representation of women in the novel. The three main characters I will study are Mina, Lucy, and the three female vampires (belonging to Dracula). I am going to consider the similarities and differences of each character, and how well they compare to traditional Victorian women. I will support my answers with quotes and evidence.

During the early twentieth century, the traditional Victorian ideal would be a lady of leisure. A Victorian woman effectively had only two options: she was either a virgin- a model of purity and innocence, or she was to be a wife and produce an heir. If she
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This is important, because it shows us that she is a virtuous person, and it also shows us her stability; as holding the job as an assistant schoolmistress isn't something that every
Victorian woman was thought capable of doing. Later on she uses her domestic chores, to assist her husband with his work, and this shows us that she is a devoted wife.

Unlike Lucy, she is not most noteworthy for her physical beauty, which spares Mina her friend?s fate of being transformed into a voluptuous devil. Her sexuality remains enigmatic throughout the whole of the novel, however she does undertake one sexual encounter with Dracula towards the end, but it is forced. Although Mina does not produce an heir during the novel, we do know that she produces a child afterwards, and this is important information.

The entire second half of the novel concerns the issues of Mina?s purity, and Bram Stoker creates suspense as to whether Mina, like Lucy will be lost. Mina is far from a ?New Woman?, she is a dutiful wife and mother, whose successes are always in the service of men. She even pokes fun at the New Woman several times, as she notably writes ?Some of the New Woman writers will someday start an idea that men and women should be allowed to see each other asleep, before proposing or accepting. Mina is summed up as having a very good aspiration of a traditional Victorian
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