Female Characters in The Ivory Swing and The Tiger in theTiger Pit

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Female Characters in The Ivory Swing and The Tiger in theTiger Pit

With " beautifully executed images", Janette Turner Hospital creates four vivid female character in her two novels. The four characters are Juliet and Yashoda in The Ivory Swing and Elizabeth and Emily in The Tiger in theTiger Pit . Each of the above is invested by Turner Hospital with a deep consciousness.

In the view of Janette Turner Hospital, women are

immensely uncertain. They are never sure of what they want.

However, when it comes to dealing with external conflicts,

they are very strong-willed. On the other hand, she also

indicates that maternal love is strong. Women have

passionate beliefs in the importance of the
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She does not

care about either inauspicious or disgrace. She even runs

the risk of being penalized to travel with Annie. For an

Indian woman such as Yashoda, it is considered quite

difficult adjusting to her society.

Among the four female characters, many similarities

are found between Juliet and Elizabeth. Like Juliet,

Elizabeth has to choose between her husband and lover. The

only difference is that the death of her lover has certainly

made her life easier. She no longer doubts anymore after

Jeremy's death. Her cross-roads becomes one way and ever

since then her life is as simple as an ordinary housewife.

Elizabeth still recalls her past, but she appreciates that

fact that fate decides her future for her. In this case she

avoids family and friendship broken. And she has something

to remembrance for a life time.

Elizabeth's youngest child, Emily, is the

mysterious woman of the four. In Montreal where she happens

to be pregnant and Sydney where she encounters her lover,

Dave. She thereafter moves to England. It is obvious that

Emily love Dave a lot; but she is a uncertain as can be. Her

leaving Dave without even saying good-bye represents her

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doubts. She is afraid that once she has to face the

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