Female Chauvinist Pigs : A Feminist Perspective

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Although Female Chauvinist Pigs can be feminist they mainly viewed as anti-feminist in this society. Anti-feminists argued that the alteration of a women’s roles is a destructive force that can be detrimental to women. Also the exaggeration of women not having equality in this society is incorrect and they believe women have enough rights as it is. Antifeminists also argue that the feminist movement, despite espousing equality, ignores the rights unique to males. By working towards gender equality the Anti-feminists believe it is harmful to society. Female Chauvinist Pigs are successful women that have their own culture advocating their post-feminist views. This is shown in Levy’s article, “Raunch culture is an over-sexualized culture which promotes women stepping out of their gender role and comfort zone” (Levy 269). These Female Chauvinist Pigs possessed higher education and prestigious careers. The culture has these women encouraging other women to accept pornography, stripping, and nudity in advertising. According to Levy’s article Female Chauvinist Pigs are not “disgusted of the female image being degraded they are taking part in the act” (Levy 268). These successful women often report that they felt some aspect of their appearance prevented them from reaching their goals. There are two strategies a Female Chauvinist Pig can use to redefine her sexuality or femaleness. She can act like a cartoon male that brags about having the biggest cock in the room or a cartoon
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