Female Chauvinist Pigs : Women And The Rise Of Raunch Culture

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Raunch Culture
There is no denying that raunch culture can be seen everywhere in our culture today. Music video vixens, advertisements, social media posts and much more can all be targeted as sexy because like people say sex sells in todays world. In Ariel Levy’s book, “Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture” in one of the main chapters “Female Chauvinist Pigs” she explores various perspectives associating with the differences between “female feminism” vs “female exploitation”. Levy discusses raunch culture and the irony in the actions women take to show their freedom, as they began to become more comfortable with the inequalities that feminists have been trying to fight for decades. Throughout the whole chapter
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One major thing Levy states to reinforce this is, “Women who’ve wanted to be perceived as powerful have long found it more efficient to identify with men than to try and elevate the entire female sex to their level”(268). Levy then continues to talk about how women all throughout our history have been compared to men. Levy is trying to show people how as time goes on more and more women are beginning to fall into the footsteps of men. Since the most powerful traits are correlated with males, women are trying to obtain these traits rather than their own. As more females start to turn into female chauvinist pigs they are starting to project a negative look upon feminist women. Women participating in raunch culture are breaking necks and opening mouths to the outside world which is causing these stereotypes to be brought among females. Another major key said within the chapter is, “Why worry about disgusting or degrading when you could be giving or getting a lap dance yourself? Why try to beat them when you can join them?”(Levy 268). Levy incorporates this within her writings to show that women are still not free to act as themselves but they are now pressured to act as men so they will be included and considered as one of the boys. Women are starting to believe that they need to get with the program
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