Female Children Of The United States

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Growing up as a female child, I was spoiled. I was and am still the last daughter of my parents. I was always showered with lots of gifts by relatives and neighbors around me. My parents made sure that their children were well taken care of. Meals and clothes were provided and we had no reason to beg for food or shelter from passersby. My father worked hard enough to bring my siblings and me to the United States and till today, I am thankful for that. By coming to the United States, I was able to figure out who I want to become in life and what I want to do with my life. For the past few years, I have heard stories from all over the world about how female children are treated horribly by both their loved ones and friends. Female children are considered “worthless” and are sometimes not acceptable in the society they live in. My grandmother as a child lived in a small town in Nigeria. She is the only female child of her parents and unfortunately, she lived in the uncivilized era. Before my grandmother was born, her father borrowed some money from an uneducated rich landlord and, unfortunately, could not pay back so he used his daughter as collateral. She was betrothed to a man twenty years older than her. By the age of ten, she was married off and she lived with her husband and his two older wives. She did not get to enjoy her childhood days. She did not get to play with any dolls and she did not get to have a tea party with her fellow ten-year-olds. My grandmother was not

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