Female Circumcision: A Violation of Human Rights

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Human rights activists especially have deemed certain aspects of their traditional cultures harmful to their people, a violation of their human rights, and female circumcision is one of them. Even though human rights activists perceive this practice as a clear violation of women and children’s rights, in African and Arabic societies where the custom is prevalent, it is considered an essential part of a woman’s life and cultural identity. They argue that those who are not part of the culture shouldn’t take part in the debate over the issue. The debate over female genital mutilation reflects the incompatibility of human rights with cultural relativism and what a challenge it is for everyone involved.
Even though men and patriarchal values have been accused of being the root cause of the problem, the reality is women are the ones putting other women and girls through these operations. Apparently it’s because some of them don’t know any better due to lack of education or alternatives (Boneware-Miller 1985, 246). Human rights activists should be included in the debate over female circumcision but the people who should be central to it are the women who belong to these societies. Traditional communities tend to be suspicious of Westerners who try to persuade…

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